Flavia C500 Coffee Brewer

Dimensions: 17.1”H x 10.6” W x 19.9” D
Enhanced LCD menu display for more intuitive brewing Experience
Brews a delicious range of drink each in less than a minute.
Broad selection of single cup drinks – American Coffee, Flavored coffee, iced coffee, tea, Cappuccinos, Lattes and hot chocolate.

Available in both plumbed and pour through models.
Patented technology doesn’t allow for cross contamination of Flavia packs, so your drink has no residue taste from previous drinks.

Alterra as well as Starbucks coffees available.

Description: Flavia is the best option for the office that wants single cup coffee with a wide variety of coffees to choose from. Flavia packs are simple to use and the coffees are perfectly measured to give the user the ultimate cup of coffee, tea, cappuccinos, lattes etc. For offices with 25 or more employees.