About Us

The Gourmet Coffee Company is an office coffee service and breakroom supply company servicing Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties since 2007. We help offices by providing outstanding coffee equipment and coffees that their employees love and providing service and pricing that managers love.  Our mission is to help transform your coffee break area into an inviting space for your coworkers by creating a coffee area with clean, commercial equipment, attractive complimentary merchandisers and fantastic coffees! A great break space where your coworkers can go and recharge!

Our uniformed, trained service professionals are responsible for replenishing and rotating supplies cleaning the coffee area and deep cleaning of the coffee system. We can establish par levels on the products you order and maintain your inventory using our auto-replenishment system.

“This is a system we use which in which we monitor consumption trends at each of our accounts to ensure sufficient product is on hand to meet your needs but never overstocked, always-ensuring freshness. Our range of products includes all types of breakroom supplies & janitorial supplies  –  snacks, sodas, juices, creams, sugars, sweeteners, teas, soups, hot chocolate, paper, plastic and all janitorial supplies – so you can finally streamline ordering all these products with one, realiable company.

As a local, South Florida company, we are proud to supply our local businesses. When you choose The Gourmet Coffee Company, you are helping to support your local neighbors, friends and community.

We also carry a full supply of teas, soups, hot chocolate, water, sodas, candy, healthy snacks, paper and janitorial supplies for your convenience, making us your complete office breakroom service provider. For more information about our services, please contact us at: info@thegourmetcoffeeco.com or call us at 305-698-0990 or in Broward 954-486-4339.